10.02.11 - 10.08.11
Boys' AotW: 
Jordan Gentry
Boy's School: 
William Monroe
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There are dominating individuals defensive performances nearly every week. But rarely can a player so clearly tilt the table from that side of the field like Gentry did against Strasburg. Gentry had three interceptions to kickstart a 31-14 rout of Strasburg, a crucial Bull Run District victory for the Dragons. And for good measure he had a touchdown catch too. Not a bad night.

Girls' AotW: 
Riley Martin
Girl's School: 
Western Albemarle
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Martin has had bigger games, but the efficient and effective 32 assists she posted against Monticello in a key early Jefferson District battle showed that the Warriors aren’t missing a beat this year despite a new head coach heading up the program. Martin’s coordination of the Warriors’ offense led to a 3-0 sweep of the Mustangs.

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